Oscoda Township, is the Heart of the Sunrise Side of Michigan. We often times tell the story that we are the “Center of the Universe!” We have four seasons of adventure awaiting visitors and residents alike. This page is all about community.

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Our Story

Oscoda is an unincorporated community in the state of Michigan located on the northern side of the AuSable River where it enters Lake Huron. The Community of AuSable is on the other side of the river. 

The state of Michigan has designated Oscoda as the official home of Paul Bunyan due to the earliest documented publications in the Oscoda Press in 1906. 

Destination Oscoda was born out of an idea that we should “accentuate the positive” in our presentation of the community and the area. We hope you enjoy our website as well as the connected social media that contribute to Destination Oscoda.

  • Instagram:  "Mornings like this are why I'm glad I live in Oscoda" -@Ambermakeupartistry
  • Facebook: "Love Living in Oscoda" -Mary Betts Bell
  • Facebook:"We are so blessed to have a town to live in with these views" - Mary Betts Bell
  • Facebook: "Was four awesome days we had in this beautiful town, sat on the beach... walked in the sand..had lunch at G's will
  • be back soon" - Delores Cote
  • Facebook: "Oh I wish I could be there, its like you could feel the glory" -Bonnie Tworek
  • Instagram:"Miss ya Oscoda, See ya in August! Love from NYC" -@TimThom007
  • Facebook Group:"Hi Oscoda Community.  Pardon my late post on the July 4 parade but I wanted to share some fun pictures I took.
  • 50 years on this earth and that was the first parade I’ve ever attended. Thank you for making it fun and so welcoming.
  • Oh I absolutely love my visits to your town" - Paul Damien Barker
  • Facebook Group: "We did a little wandering over the long fourth of July weekend. The flowers all around town are beautiful.
  • It`s things like this that make our nice little town even nicer.#sunriseside #owlpride " -Marty Bauman
  • Facebook: "Awesome!! Just spent our 7th in a row week vaca on Van Etten last week! We love it! <3" -Jerry Danowski
  • Facebook Group: "Every year we can’t wait to get back to the public beach. Best beach around!!!
  • Currently looking for property we love it so much!" -Christina Leah
  • Facebook: "Its always so beautiful there, no matter the weather. Thank you for sharing" -Hedgecock Geneva
  • Facebook: "This town and beach are amazing <3" -Pam Frederick
  • Facebook:  "Such a clean and peaceful beach to relax and reset with family and friends" -Dustin Eberline
  • Facebook Group:"I stayed at our cottage, me and my dog. What a wonderful
  • 10 days, we had. Going back soon"-Elaine Mullen Glanert
  • Facebook Group: "I love getting away from downstate and al the craziness and coming up there to the calm" -Karen Friedrich
  • Facebook Group: "Wow I cant wait to come and visit and witness your stunning sunsets and participate in events.
  • Oscoda is a happening Destination!!!" -Titi Luxie
  • Facebook Group: "Oscoda - A little slice of heaven!" -Titi Luxie
  • Facebook Group: "My favorite lake!" -Angie Kowalski
  • Facebook Group:"I'm so happy my dad bought this place in the 70s thank you benny" -Bonnie Tworek
  • Facebook Group:"We are so blessed to live here. As we don’t have highschoolers anymore,
  • while everyone else was at the game, we were at Foot Pond overlook for the sunset! :)" -Shannone Bondie
  • Facebook Group:"I moved here about a month ago. This page is very welcoming." -Amy Dwyer LaBelle
  • Facebook Group:"we have the most beautiful shorelines in Michigan. Let’s not forget that!!" -Amy Blocher
  • Facebook Group:"Oscoda is absolutely beautiful we go through there often on our way to doctor appointments" -Amanda Nichole
  • Facebook:"The pier was the best thing to come to Oscoda. Now everyone can enjoy Lake Huron and all its beauty " -Wendy Bora
  • Facebook:"Love Oscoda" -Elizabeth Dunlap
  • Facebook:"I miss home so much, thank you for sharing" -Paulette Johnson
  • Facebook:"Was just there 2 wks ago and miss it already" -Chris Williams
  • Facebook:"Whoever is posting on Oscoda KEEP IT UP. We stay at the Thomas' Parkside Cottages right next to this park.
  • THANK YOU FOR SHARING. Thomas' is our second home. It’s a great place to vacation, check them out." -Lorrie Nunez
  • Facebook Group:"My parents, Aunts and Uncles started our tradition of going to Oscoda every Summer starting 1960
  • (I was one year old)! They all loved the Hiltop and the Edelweiss " -Judith Michels Adams
  • Facebook Group: "That’s the one thing I loved about Michigan, the wild life was awesome,
  • saw things there that I have never seen before" -Elaine Norris Sherrard
  • Facebook Group:"Our happy place  We hit those stairs every time we`re up there. (Iargo Springs)
  • And that`s a lot! I too believe that the mist from the springs have healing powers. (kinda!)" -Marty Bauman
  • Facebook Group:"We love the peace and quiet of the National Forest along with the hiking trails and scenic views along the byway.
  • We also love the food and friendly people in town. Oh, and the beach, fishing, quad and snowmobile trails etc etc!
  • I could go on but you get the idea. Really not much not to like " -Marty Bauman
  • Facebook Group:"In the evenings we walk this road to get some fresh air and exercise.
  • We`ve walked over three miles before along here and not one car came by.
  • The solitude is here if you seek it" -Marty Bauman
  • Facebook:"Oscoda always did have the best parades, where I live now not so much,
  • I love this! Merry Christmas everyone"-Terry Kresge
  • Facebook Group:"Such a pretty little jewel downtown!" (Pocket Park) -Shannone Bondie
  • Facebook Group:"They do such a beautiful job for Christmas. We have a beautiful little town.
  • Merry Christmas " -Irmgard VonDaggenhausen Oestan
  • Facebook Group:"Thank you for posting! As a cottage owner we don’t get to see our beloved Oscoda in the Winter.
  • Love these pictures!" -Linda Coffin Allen
  • Facebook:"OSCODA....What a wonderful place to live and work and play!" -Donna Bradley Kinna
  • Facebook:"Thank you for posting. I always wonder what Lake Huron looks like in the winter months. Thank you" -Lorrie Nunez
  • Facebook:"Merry Christmas Oscoda, MI! We love you from UT!
  • Love the photos you post of Lake Huron, Ausable, Van Ettan, Cedar….
  • thanks so much" -Barbara Chapman
  • Facebook Group:"I’m only up there part time I inherited my brothers house in cabin and property in mikado.
  • I love every minute that I’m there… The people are so wonderful and I have made amazing friends…
  • I love this post planning on coming up next month and I will post fun Sunday" -Carol Grant
  • Facebook Group:"Its hard to get motivated on such a cold day, but it helps to remember that spring is only 69 days away!
  • Until then we just have to keep moving, appreciate the sunny days and
  • our gorgeous Lake Huron #Mondaymotivation" -Shannone Bondie
  • Facebook Group:"I’m a 1978 graduate from Oscoda. I love seeing your pics as they bring back fond memories
  • growing up in Oscoda. I share them constantly(by saving to my phone and sharing.)
  • My WAFB veteran friends love to see memories of where they once called home." -Teressa Lowell Tompto
  • Facebook:"Nothing stops us Michiganders from enjoying our lakes!" -Shannone Bondie
  • Facebook:"Always loved this time of year in the Oscoda Greenbush area" -Chris Williams
  • Instagram:  "Oscoda is the Best !" @zpignatari
  • Facebook Group:"I haven't been up for a few months. Looking forward to the fresh air, awesome sunsets and sunrises" -Karen Friedrich
  • Facebook Group:"I miss Oscoda such raw beauty all from God up there!!" -Jennifer Terpening
  • Facebook Group:"The ice is so beautiful to look at right now because of how cold it is..
  • I have been out on the ice a couple times this past week. Super cold out there,
  • but if you can stand it creates beautiful memories" -April Snyder
  • Facebook:"For all you summer people this is the Lake you enjoy in the summer. We love it in all seasons" -Gail Moore
  • Facebook: "My favorite place to be" -Tracey Streeter
  • Facebook Group:"The people of Oscoda are blessed! Between your gorgeous sunsets, beautiful lake views
  • and a plentiful population of beautiful birds definitely puts you in the category of a Utopia" -Titi Luxie
  • Facebook: "Love the sounds of the lake in winter n spring when it starts to unthaw. Such eerie noises." -Virginia Steigerwald
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