Oscoda County is a well-known destination for bird enthusiasts hoping to add the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler to their life lists. This rare songbird, which nests only in the jack pine barrens of northern Michigan, had declined to less than 400 individuals by 1971. Since then, thanks to the recovery efforts of Federal and State wildlife agencies, Kirtland’s Warbler populations have recovered significantly, with over 1800 pairs recorded in 2011. Oscoda County continues to host one of the largest breeding populations of this species, and each year hundreds of birders from literally around the world flock here to find this rare bird. Most travel to the Mio U.S.F.S. district ranger station to attend guided tours into Kirtland’s Warbler nesting areas, while other attempt to find the bird on their own. What most of these birding enthusiasts might be surprised to discover is that Oscoda County also hosts a rich and diverse population of many other bird species as well.

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