Birds are some of the most unique and fascinating creatures to observe outdoors in Michigan. It’s a popular past time for residents and visitors in Oscoda, as it is a well-known destination for bird enthusiasts. More than 450 different species of birds are throughout Michigan trails, state parks, recreation areas, state wildlife and game areas, national wildlife refuges, Great Lakes coastline and more. 

Top Places to Bird Watch in Oscoda

Birding is always available through all seasons. During Spring early migrants are back and settling in to find a mate and raise a family. During the Summer most baby birds have lest the nest and the arrival of migratory artic shorebirds begin to stop along their journey. During the Fall is when some of the best birding can be found because birds fly across Canada to make a beeline for the Great Lakes on their migration south for the winter. During the Winter most summer migrants are gone and winter residents have shifted southward giving us a ton of new species to check out.

Merlin Bird Identifier

Merlin is based at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

The Merlin Application is a great tool for anyone in the birding community, espicially those looking to get into birding. This application is completely free and avaliable in the apple store as well as the google play store for iPhones(iOS 13 or newer), iPads(iOS 13 or newer), and Andriods(Andriod 5.0 or newer). 

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